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Group Benefits

In our mission to build customer loyalty, Gannon Associates Insurance offers expertise, personal service, and unwavering client advocacy. We also offer the technology employer groups want. We can help you utilize your valued resource of time in better ways to achieve your business goals, while our expert custom service staff assist in keeping you on task with your daily HR duties.

Gannon Associates Insurance crafts customized benefits plans, helping employees attract and retain the best employees. We serve as the employers trusted advocate, negotiating optimal plan pricing, with multiple carriers, to reduce costs at plan inception, and every renewal.

We value communication with our customers throughout the year. We partner with YOU, guiding you through compliance and setting you up for success. Our commitment to contact and never ending improvement and quality allows us to provide customized solutions for benefits administration and payroll solutions. Our offerings are a step above the rest!

With our local expertise, stellar products, and exceptional customer service, we can assist you and your staff with:

Health Care Reform: Commonly known as “Obama care”, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act impacts you. Gannon Associates Insurance has a team of licensed staff certified in the Patience Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) who are are ready to assist you.

Enrollment & Changes: We will process changes and enrollments for you and follow up with communication to the carrier and you, ensuring a smooth transition for all new benefits participants.

COBRA Administration: COBRA Administration can be challenging for employers. We offer a platform that ensures compliance and timeliness. Let us handle your COBRA Administration and let you get back to business.

HSA/FSA/HRA Administration: Offering high deductible health care plans can help you, the employer, save on premium costs. Coupling those plans with an HSA/FSA/HRA can help offset the employee costs and increase employee loyalty.