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Equine Insurance

Here at Gannon Associates we understand that horses are more than just a hobby—they are your life and also a huge part of your occupation. With a significant investment made, it’s only logical to protect the creature you’ve come to love with the best, most effective equine insurance policy.

With years of experience of successfully insuring equine risks, we take the guess work out of finding appropriate and accurate coverage for your equine investments.

We know that you cherish your horses. So why allow them to be inadequately protected from injury or illness? Securing an appropriate horse insurance policy doesn’t have to be hard. At Gannon Associates we take the time to understand your unique animals and equine operation, allowing us to custom-build a comprehensive equine insurance package that matches your unique needs.

Whether you need coverage for training, racing, or even a major surgery, we’re here to help you determine what policy meets your specific insurance requirements. We offer an extensive evaluation of your coverage needs, allowing us to hand tailor a horse insurance policy that exceeds your expectations.

Don’t put your horses or your livelihood at risk.

Contact Gannon Associates to learn more about our superior equine liability and mortality coverage options; one of our dedicated independent agents would be happy to serve you and provide you with a free, no obligation, equine insurance quote today!