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Meet Brandi Franklin!

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 Meet Brandi Franklin!


    We are pleased to introduce you to Brandi Franklin. Brandi became a Gannon Associates employee about a year ago. Within this short time frame, Brandi has become an established and important resource and is currently serving the role of Account Manager. Brandi is licensed in both group health insurance and life insurance fields. Brandi specializes in group health insurance. She also helps to assist producers with their sales of life insurance policies. Brandi not only sells insurance policies, she also goes the extra distance to provide customer service for all of her insured customers. Brandi constantly provides evidence that she is an outstanding employee.

    If you were to ask anyone that knows Brandi, both inside and outside of the office, everyone would state that she is a lover of life, who enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. Brandi is especially fond of her nephew Anthony, who calls her “Bambi” and also just happens to be the “apple of her eye.” Another interesting thing to know about Brandi is that she is a bona fide music lover. Her love of music can be seen through her encouragement to her husband, and his band, who are called “Uncle Stosh’s Hardcore Pears.” Brandi loves listening to their music, going to their shows, and is particularly fond of watching her husband rocking the bass guitar. When Brandi is not busy living up the “rock-star” moments she also enjoys being engaged in physical activities or spending time reading.

    With all of this said, it is obvious that Brandi’s personality and vigor make her a wonderful person and also a valuable asset to the Gannon Team. Brandi is a genuine pleasure to work with and loves her job. In her words, “My favorite part of the job is working with the amazing producers, and even more amazing customers!” She takes satisfaction in helping others, and would love to have the chance to help anyone who needs her assistance. Therefore, if you, or someone you know, needs help with finding the health insurance or life insurance plan that is best for you, please keep Brandi in mind!

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