Personal Insurance

If you want to save money on your Pennsylvania car insurance policy, we can help! If you need to find a homeowners insurance policy in New York, we can help there too! Own a boat, personal watercraft, or motorcycle? No problem! We are your “one-stop-shop” for all of your PA and NY insurance needs. Contact Gannon Associates today to find out more about the personal lines of insurance that we have to offer. Let us help you find the best coverage available, with the best rates too!

Business Insurance

As a business owner, it is critical to have good insurance for your business. Here at Gannon Associates we offer business insurance in both Pennsylvania and New York. We offer property insurance, general liability, employee benefits, workers compensation, and much more! As your business partner, we will help to work with you so that you can find all of your business exposures and be confident that you have the coverage that you need. Call us today to obtain a free quote for any of your commercial insurance needs. Getting great insurance not only protects your business, but it also protects you as a business owner too!

Life Insurance

You insure your house. You insure your car. But do you insure your life? Life insurance should not be overlooked. When you make the decision to purchase life insurance, you are making a responsible financial decision. Life insurance provides financial security for your beneficiaries and can sometimes also be used during your lifetime. Whether you are in NY or PA, we have life insurance experts that can walk you through the process and find you solutions that best fit your specific needs. Call or stop by your local Gannon Associates location today, so you can protect your family’s tomorrow today!

Health Insurance

Today there are many important choices to make when it comes to healthcare. Making the right choice can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the plans and the way they work. But illnesses and accidents don’t wait until you have made the right decisions. You need to have health insurance before these unexpected things happen. We offer health insurance plans for individuals, families, and also groups. If you are looking to obtain coverage, or replace the coverage that you have, call Gannon Associates today for a free quote!

Agri-Business Insurance

Gannon Associates specializes in the unique insurance needs of agri-businesses, from the family sized farm to the largest commercial agri-businesses. By partnering with top rated agri-business insurance carriers, and adding to that our experience and expertise knowledge of the field, Gannon Associates should be your first choice for all of your agri-business insurance coverage. We can help you find the coverage that will not only protect your assets, property, liability, and employees, but also will but your mind at ease. Contact one of our sales agents in PA or NY today to get started!

Pennsylvania Insurance Quotes
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Welcome to Gannon Associates – your trusted choice for Pennsylvania insurance and New York insurance solutions since 1974!

With a headquarter office located  in Towanda, PA, 8 other offices located conveniently distributed across the state and a New York office located in the heart of Elmira Heights, NY –Gannon Associates has been serving the various coverage needs of area individuals, families and businesses for over 30 years! With a commitment to protect their community and with superior coverage strategies, Gannon Associates has grown into the leading insurance agency for Pennsylvania insurance and New York insurance.

Gannon Associates is dedicated to providing quality protection, superior customer service and the lowest rates for PA insurance and NY insurance coverage across the region. As your preferred, independent agency, we represent numerous local and nationwide insurance carriers, allowing our expert insurance agents to efficiently compare rates and coverage options, guaranteeing our clients receive the best quality of protection.

If you are searching for Personal Insurance necessities such as a custom Life Insurance policy or Health Insurance plan—rest assured because we have the best options available and we make your coverage needs our number one priority! We offer all of the skill and expertise you have come to expect from a long-standing insurance agency.

Better yet Gannon Associates certainly does not stop there! Be sure to ask one of our coverage professionals about the advanced insurance options available for our tailored Business Insurance packages, specialty Agri-Business Insurance plans and so much more!

Here at Gannon Associates, we consider each client and every policy to be extremely unique. That’s why we aim to match you with the most specific PA insurance and NY insurance plans to best match the needs of your distinctive lifestyle. At Gannon Associates we will always promise to take the time to recognize and understand your personal coverage needs—so that we can custom-build the most appropriate insurance policy exclusively for you!

Contact Gannon Associates, to speak with any one of our dedicated agents who will explore your options for exceptional Pennsylvania insurance and New York insurance solutions right now!

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